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  1. A decent design and colour scheme. Unfortunately, the volume button doesn't display properly.
  2. Poweramp also crashes when I use either of the volume buttons. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 MIUI Global 10.3.2 Android 9
  3. You can add the selected tracks to a playlist/queue before checking the track you want. After that, just tap on the album art to go back to the library and carry on from where you left off.
  4. Thanks for the quick fix. Far more visible now.
  5. Really like the colour scheme with this skin. However, is there any chance of making this volume button more distinguishable (preferably gold, like the other controls), as it blends into the background too much when it's not being adjusted?
  6. A minor bug that I've noticed on the last two releases is that after the last song in a folder/list has finished, about half a second of the beginning of the last track will play instead of completely stopping.
  7. I also have no use for these features, so I'd go along with this suggestion. Although judging by some of the posts I've read I'd say that they appear to be essential to a considerable number of others.
  8. You could always download the Google Opinion Rewards app to build up some credit to spend on Poweramp skins.
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