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  1. Oh that's the same thing in talking about, did it ever happen.
  2. How about a looping feature like looping a song or playlist but instead loops a certain section of a song by using the wave seek bar. If thats evem possible in this app.
  3. Android Q? Damn my LG still didnt get android P yet. LG slippen guess people were right about lg slow updates. Also thanks for the update.
  4. Sorry I'm late, what Andrew said. It did the job and fixed the problem with a export and imported my settings so I wouldnt have to redo my setting. Havent checked if it deleted my cover art or what not though.
  5. I went to the app and cleared data and not full rescan
  6. Eh I deleted the data and it fixed it
  7. All I know is that I have playlist through mediamonkey on pc for the past years. For some reason the songs that I added to my memory card and playlist isnt showing up like it usually do. They show up on PA and my device default music player as well as its playlist. Its just arent showing up in the playlist in PA. I do the exact same thing as I previously done. The songs were added to an existing playlist (multiple playlist) that still shows everything exept the new songs. Last resort would be full rescan which gives me the warning that I does something I like or delete data which is something I dont wanna do.
  8. I put new music on my memory card like always but this its not showing in playlist. It shows up on Poweramp but not in the playlist. The other app shows them in the playlist but for some reason PA doesn't show them this time. I restarted device, rescanned, erased catch still nothing.
  9. Hmmm I put new music on my card but isnt showing up in Poweramp, but the songs I moved around did change. I rescan and restarted phone still nothing. Hmmm seems its Poweramp consider the other app shows them. Hmmm it shows up but not in the playlists but they show in playlist of other apps.
  10. Improvement on cover art would be nice and definitely artist image.
  11. My number of playlist are increasing big time, from multiple anime playlist, japanese playlist etc... Having a folder to group up all anime and another just for hip-hop etc... like I have them organize in foldera on computer.
  12. Weekly updates are awesome, keep it coming, also about time getting the stuff off the cover art. Now you just have to bring the dot menu down to but thats not a big deal.
  13. So how do I rewind a song on a lock screen without the rewind button? Which some how has a pause and next button.
  14. You see this, this is nice. Album art full left to right with no album/artist name on it with black. Even though it still have stuff on it at least it doesn't have the black on it.
  15. Maybe so but the point is that the cover art shouldn't had been covered by what we see. As someone that spent a few years in graphics & designs class in high school it was a point blank stupid idea to even do that. We shouldnt have to resort to other people to create a skin to fix something that max shouldn't have designed that way to begin with.
  16. Needs to do something about not going to the next song on hires.
  17. Agreed, needs one button that pulls out half those buttons.
  18. Still got my crashing, but hey no one gives a shit cause I mentioned it so many times and nothing.
  19. You talking about this, where even though I named every eminem song as eminem as the artist I still have multiple eminem in artist which should all be together as one. If not it still needs work, still hoping for a fix for the album art crashing when searching.
  20. I'm about 45% done getting album cover and with hi-rez and then going to the computer to embed. It would be easier but by then I should be done. Also he still gotta finish the fix for crashing I get after 3 album change. It's freaking annoying, I would've been done by now.
  21. No, you gotta copy them to your SD card take it to your computer and embed them. Another topic on here explains how to do so.
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