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  1. Yes it is different. Artist is different but album artist is the same. Also it should be like: album artist/album/track number or artist/album/track number. 

    Same artist/album is shuffled too.

    Ohh and another bug or something. When i connect my phone to my car over bluetooth (no android auto yet) Poweramp sends the song and folder data but seems like toyota touch 2.0 only can define the current played song. When I want to go in folder view or Categories like most recent (shows it) it just droppes me out to the home screen screen screen :D I think it is a Toyota touch 2.0 bug.

    Best regards.



  2. 3 hours ago, Rabangus said:

    I'm playing tracks in a playlist. Currently my widget is Juice Newton, currently playing song is actually Bob Dylan, and the mini player is a Rolling Stones track that isn't even in the playlist.

    I haven't had any updates, or removed the SD card (where the tracks are stored) or anything like that which might trigger a rescan. 

    I've seen this occasionally in the past, but unfortunately can't replicate. When others report this Max always just says it's down to a rescan being in progress, but I'm not sure it's as simple as that... Will have a try to reproduce it over the weekend.

    Galaxy S9 Plus, Android Pie...


    I think this is a queue bug. When you put songs to the current queue while you listen the queue list that happens 1 or 2 times.( Maybe only when queue list is shuffled idk )

  3. Using the visualization when buttons are transparent or dimmed (not full screen visualization) sometimes the album tracknumber shows incorrect number for a while. Like 1/154 instead of 1/15. 

    I remember that Poweramp v2 had a seekbar on the list view. It would be really nice to have it on v3

  4. Hi

    All thing is perfect now except one. 

    There is a huge memory leak problem. When you switch music every time, Poweramp consumes ~10mb of ram. After listening or switching few songs it can increase easily to 1 gb!!!  (Redmi note 5 pro 4/64, android 8.1 non rooted oem stable rom)


  5. Hi,

    Best music player for android, but has few bugs or issues...

    Shuffle not working at all

    Eq not change on speaker and headphone

    Not optimized for 18:9 resolution (control panel too big)

    If visulation is on, screen go black too fast

    Option to reset dynamic lists

    V2 style equalizer i liked it more(option to change)

    V2 had deeper bass and way richer sound i think

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