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  1. I am still on 2.0.1 as I use the function where you press and hold and then select "Play" for the whole album, and after upgrading to the latest for 10 minutes today, I can't find it? Or was I too sloppy? I also miss being able to play music from my NAS, especially since my beloved (purchased of course) Poweramp comes with an equalizer. Can I request that these 2 features return and/or be introduced. Then I would be more than happy to buy another licence. A happy user in Denmark Benny.
  2. I just hit "update" on my Poweramp and did not read the changelog, now I did but I can't find any mention of the "Press an album, hold and select PLAY" function had disappeared?? Am I just lazy and/or can't find it? I almost exclusively use my music player on the go as I use Samba when I am home as it plays from my NAS wich I am pretty sure Poweramp does not (coeect me if I am wrong, please - I would like to use ONE player for everything). But can someone tell me where the "Press and select PLAY on entire albums have gone if it IS still there?? As I wrote, I use it mostly on the go, and the function was a timesaver - one of the major reasons I bough the unlock file. Have a nice day, all. Benny in Denmark.
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