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  1. Speaking of which, would it be possible to have the option for that search button to limit the search to current playing list by default? Having to scroll a few hundred songs to the top of the list to have the filter seems to be slightly less convenient than tapping once to remove it Edit: sorry, I swear it didn't work that way 5 minutes ago Edit 2: seems like the filter gets saved from my last search, but resets after the app was running in the background for a while. My original point still stands
  2. So I have what seems like a simple request - I want the "Keep screen on" option that works only when the phone is charging. In the car I basically have the phone docked to a DAC, where dealing with a lock screen can be annoying. My current options are having the setting on, which can severely drain the battery if I forget it, having the "stay awake" from developer options, which is not ideal when charging in public places, or making a workaround with Tasker, which is not too elegant or reliable.
  3. I know the issue with m3u spec, but Android media library can read m3u playlists with special characters and having Poweramp behave differently is definitely not ideal. While I'm normally all for following specification, implementing this fix would save a lot of headache
  4. So far the only bug I encountered is wrong song name/album art when resuming playlist after the night - it shows first song from the list and ignores shuffle, but works fine after selecting any song manually. There's also the obvious lack of search within a specific list and touch/swipe issues (at least allow to disable the seek bar), though I saw that reported by others. However, I recently realised that default Android players can see songs with unicode characters in m3u playlists, but Poweramp skips them, unless it's an m3u8. Any chance that can be changed?
  5. Pretty much my experience with this. A few additions: - Extra small list could do without album art. - When I open a playlist, a third of the screen is taken up by useless playlist name and album art. It doesn't need to be larger than a line. For some reason a lot of "modern" music players do this and it's annoying. - I used to be able to use filter to find specific song in any list and keep playing the whole list. Context sensitive search on the press of one button would be even better. At least add an option to search whole library/now playing. - Swipe down opens current list, but swipe up does nothing? Same action would make for less confusion. - Seek is an option I might want to use once a year. Swipe to change track is something I use every time I'm in my car. In landscape 2/3 of the screen is used for a useless action. Maybe add option to disable seek? Also, shuffle doesn't seem to apply when I start playback, though that seems to be a known issue.
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