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  1. I'm in the same problem 2. Already disabled the absolute volume in developer options. My DVC options is in the attached file 1 (note that the problem also occurs always when I access the DVC options view). I also tried to disabled the DVC in the output settings. My phone is a Pocophone F1, MIUI 12, Poweramp build-893-arm64-play.
  2. I use Poweramp for 2 years in my Pocophone, and this started to happen 2 months ago approximately (with the last update I guess). The problem is that there was an update of Google Assistant too. It may be that this caused the problem too, but occurs only with Poweramp, which is quite strange.
  3. The problem only occurred with "Next Song" command. I already try to change the Audio Focus settings, but without success.
  4. Poweramp Build Number: 883-893 Device model: Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (M1805E10A) Android Version: 12 (MIUI 12) Steps to reproduce: - Play any song from Poweramp - Block the phone - Activate Google Assistant (saying "Ok Google") - Say the command "Next Song" - The execution stops after go to next song and you need to play the song to continues the execution I was tested on Spotify and Youtube Music and isn't occurred, the execution continued normally.
  5. I caught my phone now for test the shuffle again and, for my surprise, the feature don't working again, worse than that, the app crashed and corrupted my playlist. For my luck, I always backup all my playlists. I'm very disappointed.
  6. I could solve this problems and others reinstalling the app. Sorry for my nonsense.
  7. The random feature don't working, in all options the playlist continues the reprodution in the same order.
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