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  1. folder hierarchy shuffle is broken again. and yes, i was doing full rescan. it worked somehow (not as it was in v2) in 802 but now it's broken again. i figured out that i can shuffle all the songs in all the subfolders by queueing them all and then shuffle. is this intended behavier of new interface? i mean the interaction of shuffle button in subfolders
  2. i'm doing it every new release ?last time it somehow worked was in 792 build. every next build it didn't work at all. how can i help you to track this bug?
  3. subfolders shuffle still broken. see these threads
  4. neither of sort options works at 799 in subfolders. and yes, i found similar problems in main thread. hope it will be fixed next builds. i'm perfectly understand the nature of developer builds because im a developer too ;-) however, our conversation has been going on for 2 months without any result. 799 is a rc build. my problem is not a minor, this should have been resolved back in beta testing. and i'm not the only one who is experiencing this problem.
  5. sorry, but im so tired of this s***. you dont understand me (sorry if my english is not very good) and every new version is getting ever worse. now (799) sort inside subfolders doesnt work. i have no idea how it works and why does it split my subfolders in two pieces. moreover, shuffle and play buttons doing some unpredictable s***. shuffle just shuffles my current (wtf?) playlist, while play button starts playing from first folder (WTF!?) in list. it differs from 2nd version of Poweramp. it even differs from past versions of 3rd beta! it makes me start looking for an alternative to Poweramp. or to use 2nd version...
  6. it seems i don't undestand how this button works in v3. in v2 it shuffles all songs from all the subfolders, not only from the first folder. why this interaction was changed? how it is now supposed to shuffle songs in all of the subfolders?
  7. no. the real problem is it only takes the first folder and shuffles it, instead of taking all the folders, like in Poweramp 2
  8. still doesn't work. well, at least it don't hang, but now skips the first song. videoproof
  9. workaround is to select all folders/albums and add them to the queue. then you can shuffle it oh, thank you very much, it worked.
  10. scrobbling doesnt work, neither in 793, nor 795. im using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler. only now playing is submitted
  11. i have a similar problem. in my case shuffle don't shuffle folders and after some iterations of shuffling one random (?) folder the player just lock-ups o_O see related video my device is Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S if it's matter
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