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  1. Yeah, I tried all of that exactly with Titanium as well. Now that I'm looking at the daunting task of redoing all of my config options again I suppose I'm the dummy for not having a backup of my data for an app that's been updated like twice in many years, and only refinements rather than a major overhaul. I would procrastinate longer but unfortunately the shuffle not working in playlists is a major dealbreaker for me as I use that pretty much every day. Bah.
  2. Following the recent trend of UI and functionality overhauls that remove features, add empty/white space, remove configurability, etc (see also: Win8/10, Firefox, Reddit, and many others), I'm just getting frustrated. I'd like to know if anybody has a way to revert back to build 709, or even v2, while still retaining things like my custom EQ settings, playlists, skin settings, and basically all the tweaks I've spent a lot of time on that have just been pulled out from under me? The new UI is a usability disaster. Even the smallest list option bloats my previously all visible on one s
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