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  1. Yeah, I tried all of that exactly with Titanium as well. Now that I'm looking at the daunting task of redoing all of my config options again I suppose I'm the dummy for not having a backup of my data for an app that's been updated like twice in many years, and only refinements rather than a major overhaul. I would procrastinate longer but unfortunately the shuffle not working in playlists is a major dealbreaker for me as I use that pretty much every day. Bah.
  2. Following the recent trend of UI and functionality overhauls that remove features, add empty/white space, remove configurability, etc (see also: Win8/10, Firefox, Reddit, and many others), I'm just getting frustrated. I'd like to know if anybody has a way to revert back to build 709, or even v2, while still retaining things like my custom EQ settings, playlists, skin settings, and basically all the tweaks I've spent a lot of time on that have just been pulled out from under me? The new UI is a usability disaster. Even the smallest list option bloats my previously all visible on one screen playlists to a multiscroll disaster, not to mention removing customisations we had previously like button removal, configurable swipe gestures, etc. And having album art and headers take up all this space.. who thought this was a good idea? Max created a wonderful application, and I understand all the hard work that's been put into this new version, but that's what makes it so disappointing. We're going backwards in functionality, and forwards in shitty UI/UX design trends that have been blighting all other websites, apps, etc. I'm just pissing in the wind, because apparently I'm in the minority that "can't deal with change" or whatever garbage people use to invalidate my opinions and feelings on removal of functionality and implementing terrible design choices (again, see other examples above, *** you Mozilla). If nobody has a way to retain my settings, then does anyone have a suggestion for another music player that isn't hot garbage? Cheers,
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