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  1. hey @maxmp , i have two minor issues with the latest build(s). 1. since version 799, the background in the main player is entirely black instead of the blurred cover. changing the background settings and changing to the default skin(s) did nothing. 2. since version 802 (i think) the visualization, which i have disabled, turns itself on from time to time, showing nothing but a black screen. this only seems to happen when i keep the screen on, though. screenshot below. other than that i'm very happy with v3, great work! running on android 8.0 edit: never mind, both of these issues seemed to have been related to the rom i was using. i switched to a different one and it's all good now! my bad
  2. google play updated Poweramp for me from v709 to v793 yesterday. after the update the play and skip buttons on the main screen did not work. i couldn't get a single file to play, even when selecting them in the library. i immediately went back to v709, which worked perfectly fine. i imported my saved settings, but the star ratings for all files as well as the equalizer settings were gone. i turned off auto-updates for now and will probably stay on v709. i'm running android 6.0.1 on the asus zenfone max zc550kl
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