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  1. Target search /zoom levels search results not working.. Searches correctly keywords but play different songs.. Played first song in searches list. Please resolve this issue ASAP.
  2. Boss.... My humble request to you.... and I already contacted to you many times for this releases... please add search option icon button for inside folder. I have huge song's library 18000 and some folders hv more than 400 songs... How can I search song in particular folder. It's irritated... Please add search/ icon /options/ button... inside the folder
  3. When visualization on... The main screen search button not working. Player hang.
  4. Dear Team, After latest update, how can I search song in particular folder... Not whole library. Resolve issue asap. Please please please please.... Please add search icon/button in particular folder.... How can I search song in individual folder.... I hv 17622 songs and some folders hv songs more than 500....really irritated for search particular song in huge library...... ?
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