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  1. Raylton

    Bug Notification

    only in the beta version that happens to me, but I will not go back to the normal version, I liked the beta too much
  2. Raylton

    Bug Notification

    Nubia Z17 Lite
  3. Raylton

    Bug Notification

    I tested automatic, black, and white, and it does not solve
  4. Raylton

    Bug Notification

    bug in android 7.1.1 notification bar reproducer
  5. Raylton

    bug when sorting songs

    when you try to sort the music orders, such as by date added, when you close the app and back, the setting has not been saved and you have to redo the option
  6. Raylton

    two requests

    I would like to return the option to start powerap and go straight to the folders with songs not to option to open the folder tab. Arriving the playback bug on the Android notification bar 7.1.1. See the print below: