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  1. 3 hours ago, maestro30k said:

    Thanks for the update. 

    Upon testing the Count as played feature, when I play a song to the end and carry on and play onto the next song, the played times and last played sections under tags do not update.

    When I skip a song that I have played past the threshold, those tags update.

    Samsung Galaxy S10+ android 11, build 900

    The same here
  2. 3 hours ago, cees said:

    Happens when playing from Queue (no shuffle) and not sorted by play count. I've also noticed this happens when the current song plays to completion and moves to the next song, if I start another song before the current song completion the increment then shows  correctly. 

    You are absolutely right if the song plays in full, not count as play

  3. 9 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I think @Azul was referring to the new threshold value for regarding a song as 'played'. This does not seem to work as expected when you later look in the 'Recently Played' category.

    For example, if you start a song playing from the All Songs category, but then pause it after just a few seconds and use >> several times to move on a few more tracks (while still paused) then ALL of those songs will now be shown if you look in the Recently Played list - even though none of them have reached the 'Count as Played' percentage threshold, indeed some of them have not even been played at all.



    that same
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