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  1. It would be amazing if the color would change like the one on the main screen
  2. Due to the new option of multiple artists, these are multiplied, it would be useful to hide those with a smaller number of songs
  3. You are absolutely right if the song plays in full, not count as play
  4. Thanks for improving the equalizer knobs
  5. Thank you for this Works perfect on the most played list In the recently played list it counts them as plays at the beginning of the song
  6. I have the same problem I separate my artists with a ","
  7. Thanks for the update Count As Played works perfect on the most played list But in the recently played list it counts them as played immediately
  8. I know it is somewhat minor but you could erase the excess color of the knobs on the equalizer and an option to change the knobs
  9. poweram shortcuts not working in xiaomi launcher it is Poweramp or xiaomi problem It could not be like Spotify that from the same application select the playlist and pin it to the home screen
  10. Please check this is very important for the Most Played lists
  11. This app is the best thing that has happened to music on Android I would pay whatever price It is a wonder
  12. +1 it's a shame the day / night mode doesn't apply to themes
  13. only missing support for synchronized lyrics "LRC" and Poweramp will be perfect
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