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  1. Hello, I'm android developer, I'm building radio application and need to know which API you guys are using for album art. I couldn't find it in license part, maybe you are using another word for it. If you can help me about that then it would be helpful for me. (I'm using this app from like 6 years Now, you guys haven't disappointed till today.) Kudos to team great work guys ✌🏼. Thanks. Vardhan Suthar. (India)
  2. I've Oneplus 2 mobile. Today I found new that is, Search is for only folders not for tracks. When you search a song it's not showing, but when search for folder like my song in Downloads directory then I've to search for Downloads and it's showing me my Downloads Folder. So, I think this search function now works for Folders in future they'll modify it. Edit :- @Imperfection reply solved it I've to select all songs in menu, But this "X" button of search close is not wotking.
  3. Version : beta build 793 play full version Today I've updated the app, I'm beta tester. Issue is search not working in app. Search "x"(cross) button not working. Uploaded 2 photos(screenshots) I've song dusk till dawn but it's not showing in search.
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