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  1. https://i.imgur.com/FrgwKqA.png As per the link provided I can't seem to get the album art to show on my lock screen. I tried all the settings I could find I'm using latest beta build and a s9+ with 8.0 Any ideas?
  2. In the lists(songs, artists etc) on the right side is the 0,a-z,# scroll bar to allow finding content faster by first character. On high res phones that bar is very small making it sometimes hard to select. Would it be possible to make it wider by maybe 10 pixels or something?
  3. So when I goto my list of songs it displays the song name with the artist name and album as well as the album art. It looks nice but is there any way to simply have it display without the album art? Reason I ask is with the album art it makes the rows super large and thus scrolling takes longer. I just want a simple list. I selected list small but its still too large. I just want song name with artist and album like the old power amp used to display
  4. Not sure if this is a known issue or not but here it goes. Just recently updated to a phone with android 8.0 (s9+) and noticed the following issue on both official and test builds(using last test build update from today currently). If I am playing music via bluetooth and pause the music via my headset and do something for let's say 10min and try to un-pause via my headset music won't resume. Phone is still showing im connected and if I press play via the app it will work. The only way music will resume to play via my bluetooth headset is if I power down and disconnect my Bluetooth hea
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