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  1. You're right, really strange! On my Galaxy S2, when I turn on a screen lock in System Settings, the screen is not turned on. I use EasyProfiles to turn off(/on) the screen lock at home and use Widget Locker as additional "lock screen". Therefore I do not use the "native" screen lock. Thx Harry supplement: On GT-S5830i, 2.3.6, Holo-Launcher, - the use of the android lock screen shows not the desired effect.
  2. You´r right,.... it "is a system setting not a Poweramp setting..." if i use the stock player there will be the same issue. But where are the options to change this, "feature"? Anyone, knows it? GT-S5830i, 2.3.6, Holo-Launcher Harry
  3. The display wakes up every time I use my Bluetooth headset buttons. Please add an option to turn off the screen when it is operated via Blutooth to ensure our battery-power. Thx Harry
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