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  1. thanks, didn't think of the Blur Background option! also thank you for pointing out the album/artist/folder buttons in the menu, I didn't notice them at first, as you have to scroll a bit for them to show up
  2. hi, I just received this update through Play Store, and noticed some regressions when compared to versions before the redesign: 1. it seems that long pressing the play/pause button doesn't work as "stop" action anymore as it used to in previous versions 2. I use a custom music widget made with KWGT, and for some reason displayed album art is blurred. I know that KWGT is a separate app, but every music player other than Poweramp I've tried so far (Shuttle, Vinyl, Phonograph, Retro Music Player) display the album art properly when using the same widgets, so it looks like Poweramp's using some non-standard way to display album art, and that's likely to cause complaints from other KWGT users 3. before the redesign, I was able to long press the song's title in now playing screen and choose if I want to go to the song's album, display all other songs by the song's artist, or display all songs on my device. it looks like this option is no more, and the swipe gesture changes based on whether I opened the song through Artist menu, Album menu, or All songs menu, and I'd love to see the old behaviour brought back. it also seems weird to me that while there's a swipe down gesture, there's no way to go back to the now playing screen with a gesture, too. swiping one way and having to swipe one way and tapping when going back feels disruptive.
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