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  1. I am here for the same reason everyone else are - crappy license check mechanics. No need to copy-paste excerpts from the FAQ, or redirect me to email the dev directly (it won't change anyrhing). I know exactly how the license check works and my problem is with HOW it works. After each firmware update the player stops working within a day or two, and it usually happens at the most inconvenient times - during long trips without internet access. Now tell me.. WHY do I get locked out of the access to app that I paid for? This is a major flaw that should have been fixed a long effing time ago. If at least it was possible to initiate the check manually to make it stop bothering me with these overly aggressive checks, at least until the next firmware update... but NO! It's not possible. You have to wait for it to happen randomly. How many more people need to report this colossal failure for the developer to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Obviously, he's got our money and he doesn't care anymore. Looking at how they handle issues.. People report this problem --> someone copy-pastes the FAQ section --> if people are still unhappy they get redirected to the dev email, which usually is hanging without any response, and if you do get a response it's for sure blaming google, or you, or anything else, instead of accepting the truth. I already gave the app and its 'unlocker' a 1-star rating, but something tells me it won't change anything. I encourage everyone who finds this irritating to do the same, and mention this issue in the review, so new potential customers are aware of this flaw and think twice before the purchase.
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