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  1. I'm sure the progress bar doesn't need to be so big, if Max makes it about 1/2 or 1/4 the height it is currently and move the metadata into the opened up space and brought back the text scrolling of obnoxiously long titles, I think it would be vastly improved. Also do we really need to have a huge album thumbnail next to every track when browsing an album when it's already at the top of the screen? That said I do love how the library view is layed out but the now playing screen really let's it down
  2. I think it looks messy, it obscures nearly half the album cover along with the buttons, I just think it makes the now playing screen look far too cluttered. On a side note, Im also not a fan on showing album name before artist, especially without the marquee (scrolling text) effect for long fields as the artist tag gets wiped out on compilations with really long-winded names. This is the opposite of practical. Buttons I can deal with over the album art if they're transparent/hidden until tapped like the Poweramp 2.x layout. As an extra note, while we're on the subject of keeping album art in full view, i am not a fan of cutting the corners off the artwork to round it off (at least on the now playing screen). It looks ok elsewhere but I think that should be down the user's preference.
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