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  1. Thank you for the answer! I did the downgrade to the 709 version, a few days ago, it works like this, so I will wait for news! Thanks again for your job! Dominique
  2. Hi I wanted to say the "7" version of Poweramp..I was using the "2" version, and was thinking the next was "3"? Since the last Android Auto update, nothing is working for me , the first track of my random list opens, but impossible to change the track...When choosing google play musique in Android Auto, I have no problem for changing the tracks... Am I alone for this problem??? I have more than 1000 album, and put a playlist of the album on each album folder; could it be a reason for this behavior??? Thank you
  3. OK, I find that in the 3 version! Thank you
  4. Thank you for your job, but I have a problem with the album art, I don' t find the "Always Process Album Art" in the Poweramp Settings > Album Cover", even translating menus in English!!! Can somebody tell me where I can find this option, or is it an option in the beta Poweramp??? Thank you very much!
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