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  1. Pause doesn't work, forward button and play works
  2. Instead of just showing the first album/song that was inserted into the custom playlist, can custom pictures be added like an Apple music on iOS?
  3. When using my wh1000xm2, I could skip, go back, and play/pause, but when I changed my playlist, I couldn't use the touch controls to do anything besides lowering or to raise the volume. Is this only a problem because it's in beta? Or is it only for my device? Phone: LG V20 ROM: Stock Android OS. 8.0.0 Poweramp version: 793 beta
  4. Is it a bug for the beta? The volume works, just only the play/pause doesn't work
  5. Whenever I hit the pause button in app, the notification of the current song playing disappears, it would be cool if it would stay since I don't have a pause/play button for my headphones
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