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  1. Some initial "5 minute feedback" of build 792 on my LG V20 (H990DS) running Android 7.0.0

    With Hi-Res output sometimes the audio "cuts out" for a brief moment (under a second), and when refreshing in Twitter or presumably another app with notifications the audio cuts out and i played by the speaker for that brief split second. Buffer size does not affect this issue.

    I suspect disabling DVC fixed the latter with the speaker, but not the former, and it makes the audio sound "different".

    If Android 8.0 was available for my model of V20 I would try that, as I here 8.0 had better hi-res audio support compared to previous versions.


    Please advise.

  2. On 7/27/2018 at 8:05 PM, Rowas said:

    First impression: this is incredible. Didn't expect a fully implemented milkdrop visualizer! The new audio/visual settings took a minute to get used to, but they're well-designed and easy to wrap my head around.
    No issues with audio. Playing around with the new audio settings.
    I really, truly appreciate the speed control setting; Excellent for workout and running music. I was forced to use VLC for this feature during my workouts. No more!!

    Full disclosure: I am still rocking my Galaxy Note 3. v3-709 runs perfect. Visualizer and all.

    I do see that build 790 is out. I'll give that one a go.


    I used to have a Note 3 years ago (SM-N900W8) :)

    What's the max Android version you can run with custom ROMs and such now?

    I'm impressed too.

  3. Trying Poweramp 790 on my LG V20 (Android 7.0) with Sennheiser HD 558's.

    Some notes.

    - I was getting intermittent skipping with both the "Audio Track Output" and "Hi-Res Output" regardless of buffer settings. I switched to the OpenGL ES HD output and it sounds great and there's not skipping even with buffer settings. Only thing might be a slight click after unpausing but I can live with that.

    - The 100 volume steps works fine, with the 558's high independence volume level 5 (on the volume overlay) is too quiet and 10 is borderline too loud. I am legally blind and have sensitive hearing so I appreciate this to avoid going further deaf in life.

    -  The LG V20 Quad DAC sounds much better then the Fiio E10K I use with my laptop. I demand a refund! /s

    I've attached some screenshots for you guys!

    Be well



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