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  1. Go to settings and turn off the option to automatically resume on Bluetooth connection. Let us know if that works.
  2. Now that you mention it, I just found out about substratum. Would that make themes for Poweramp obsolete?
  3. Okay, I switched over from Build 709 to try this out. Yikes. In terms of UI, it's night and day. I understand we need to push forward and try to improve, hence why we have these betas! Build 709 was sexy. I liked how the album art was sectioned off from the meta and controls on the bottom, with the audio/visual controls all packed neatly in one place. In terms of Viz, I liked the option to keep it in within the album art boundaries and leave my music controls well-defined. 790 forces you to either have full-screen viz, or full screen viz with faded controls and meta. I really liked
  4. I was actually going to start a new thread, but found that this has been requested for a while. My feature request isn't exactly a strict "pitch control", but rather, an option that happens to affect pitch. Allow me to explain. I had to look for an alternative player (which turned out to be VLC) in order to play music during my workouts. Why? Tempo control, which Poweramp did not offer before the beta. One thing that I noticed was that just like desktop VLC, the audio would become distorted the more you adjust the playback speed. The software would "slice" the audio in order to fit the sp
  5. Currently running marshmallow. This particular Rom (Dominion) I enjoy because of the AMOLED black theme it uses system-wide. I'm really into a minimal, dark style with high contrast. I use it along with LMT Pie to have instant hair-trigger access to up to 22 of my most-used apps. It's snappy as hell and I love it. I love the fact that Poweramp has a black theme that fits the rest of the OS. Feels nice. I just checked XDA's Note 3 section and apparently the latest ROM I can get is on Android 8.1 Oreo. How about that!? Now I'm considering making that jump this weekend. Keep things fresh. ?
  6. First impression: this is incredible. Didn't expect a fully implemented milkdrop visualizer! The new audio/visual settings took a minute to get used to, but they're well-designed and easy to wrap my head around. No issues with audio. Playing around with the new audio settings. I really, truly appreciate the speed control setting; Excellent for workout and running music. I was forced to use VLC for this feature during my workouts. No more!! Full disclosure: I am still rocking my Galaxy Note 3. v3-709 runs perfect. Visualizer and all. I do see that build 790 is out. I'll give that
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