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  1. Go to settings and turn off the option to automatically resume on Bluetooth connection. Let us know if that works.
  2. Now that you mention it, I just found out about substratum. Would that make themes for Poweramp obsolete?
  3. Okay, I switched over from Build 709 to try this out. Yikes. In terms of UI, it's night and day. I understand we need to push forward and try to improve, hence why we have these betas! Build 709 was sexy. I liked how the album art was sectioned off from the meta and controls on the bottom, with the audio/visual controls all packed neatly in one place. In terms of Viz, I liked the option to keep it in within the album art boundaries and leave my music controls well-defined. 790 forces you to either have full-screen viz, or full screen viz with faded controls and meta. I really liked 709's defined looks a lot better. 709 Viz 790 Viz Meta Song title over album art? No thanks. Seems most people prefer there to be an option to change this as evidenced in the Poll Google Bar Next, what's with all these controls all over the place? Why have a Google-ish search bar just for Viz? Seems a bit excessive. Google Viz bar? Player Control / Seek I was flustered at first with this redesigned control switch, but after a few hours, I got used to it. I like the seeking method much more over v2; this is way more precise. If I could change something, I would prefer the waveforms to have much more detail, giving the user more insight into what part of a song they're scrolling to. Like/Dislike The like/dislike seems good, although perhaps maybe a bit ambiguous in my opinion. I personally preferred the star rating system a little more for precision's sake, but I don't really care all that much about this change. File Navigation I see how the grid can help speed it up. Many people will appreciate this because they can go by covers. However, a quick toggle button to switch it to list view would be appreciated. I learned while typing this that you can pinch-zoom to change views, but here's the thing: pinch-zoom isn't something you really expect from a music player. By all means keep it in there, but adding a toggle switch seems a little more natural. I don't know. That's just my take on it. UI navigation I can see that the goal behind this redesign is to keep everything at 1 or 2 levels max so that we don't have to dig deep to find the options we want. However, in this version, navigation can be a bit tricky. I like to use the back button a lot to return to a 'main screen'. More often than not, I hit the back button by reflex only to be taken out of the app directly from a screen. To me it feels the most intuitive to have the player screen as the 'home', after which you would exit the app if you hit 'back' one more time. Tempo - Also posted in Feature Requests I really, truly appreciate the speed control setting; Excellent for workout and running music. I was forced to use VLC for this feature during my workouts. No more! Although the speed shift is excellent already as it is, I do suggest taking a look at VLC player's implementation of it. There are two details that would be great to add in Poweramp's tempo setting. 1 - Time stretching audio. As you adjust speed, you make sacrifices the higher or lower you go.But with the time stretching audio option in VLC, users can opt for the pitch to change with speed to avoid the 'slicing' that happens when you change speed, which can be a drag if you want to enjoy a workout and the music's beat gets cut off. 2 - Save song speed setting. I wish this would be a thing even during my time with VLC. If I wanted to listen to multiple tracks in VLC during a workout, each one would have to be manually adjusted for speed. If I want to maintain roughly a 175 BPM, one song would have to be sped up, another slowed down. If I wanted to get the BPM the way I want for each song, I have to stop and make the adjustment. This is a no-go during a run or workout. Saving speeds to songs would make the experience more enjoyable. I could sit down, assemble a 'workout mix' add my songs, adjust the tempo for each one and save the settings before hitting the gym. Here's a mockup I made of how this might look. Bugs: I'm not going to get into the bugs. The core functionality is here, and nothing critical is broken so I'll wait until the next build to give feedback on that end.
  4. I was actually going to start a new thread, but found that this has been requested for a while. My feature request isn't exactly a strict "pitch control", but rather, an option that happens to affect pitch. Allow me to explain. I had to look for an alternative player (which turned out to be VLC) in order to play music during my workouts. Why? Tempo control, which Poweramp did not offer before the beta. One thing that I noticed was that just like desktop VLC, the audio would become distorted the more you adjust the playback speed. The software would "slice" the audio in order to fit the speed setting. Some people are okay with this, but not for me. I need the music to be solid in order for the beat not to get sliced out and take me out of my running cadence for example. On other occasions, I just feel like slowing a song down to enjoy it in a different manner to suit the setting. I know, please don't judge me. ? VLC has something called "time stretching audio", which means that the more you change the playback speed, the pitch changes as well, in order not to slice up the audio. Playing a song slower would result in a lower pitch. VLC for android had this option hidden in the settings, and I've used it since for my workouts. Since Poweramp is introducing speed adjustment, I believe the feature is incomplete unless you give the user an option to time-stretch the song. It might not be the "most accurate and highest quality" rendition of a song, but for those who want to rely on Poweramp as their go-to music player of choice, the option would be very welcome. Additionally, a feature that VLC itself lacks. If you add time-stretching audio, please consider giving us the option to set a speed/pitch to a song. The issue I face is that I have to rely on BPM-locked mixes. If I use individual songs and want to stay at a cadence of 180BPM, I would need to speed up a song, and slow another song down, manually, for each song. As you can imagine, this isn't viable for a workout setting. I'd like to be able to build a playlist beforehand, set and save the tempos, and enjoy my mix unfettered. Here's a mockup of how I imagine it might be implemented, if the developer was to grace us with this feature. ☺️ The 'pitch' button works as I described above, shifting with the speed to the user's preference. The 'Song Set' would work as a toggle, saving the current screen's settings to a song until the user un-toggles it. This is the simplest way I can think of going about this. I don't know. Maybe this is just crazy. lol
  5. Currently running marshmallow. This particular Rom (Dominion) I enjoy because of the AMOLED black theme it uses system-wide. I'm really into a minimal, dark style with high contrast. I use it along with LMT Pie to have instant hair-trigger access to up to 22 of my most-used apps. It's snappy as hell and I love it. I love the fact that Poweramp has a black theme that fits the rest of the OS. Feels nice. I just checked XDA's Note 3 section and apparently the latest ROM I can get is on Android 8.1 Oreo. How about that!? Now I'm considering making that jump this weekend. Keep things fresh. ?
  6. First impression: this is incredible. Didn't expect a fully implemented milkdrop visualizer! The new audio/visual settings took a minute to get used to, but they're well-designed and easy to wrap my head around. No issues with audio. Playing around with the new audio settings. I really, truly appreciate the speed control setting; Excellent for workout and running music. I was forced to use VLC for this feature during my workouts. No more!! Full disclosure: I am still rocking my Galaxy Note 3. v3-709 runs perfect. Visualizer and all. I do see that build 790 is out. I'll give that one a go.
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