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  1. V815 updated today on my device. Sounds really good. Sound is 99% of a music player in my view..the rest is just visual aid.
  2. How do I find which internal DAC this ZTE Prestige 2 uses? How do I know if it supports HD or not? Doing this without opening the chasis. I am not that equipped for that,
  3. I hope it goes live I like the default skin in 815.
  4. I have decided to re-visit the new version as a second opinion with a more clear mind in effect. I re-updated to the new version. I am human I don't like change. Some do. That's a given on both sides of the argument. I am sticking around this time. Let me get used to this UI. Don't change it in 4 years then change the UI again. I noticed it's a struggle for both user and developer.
  5. A set of SkullCandy earbuds $20-$25 at Walmart) used playing Poweramp sounds like 15 inch woofers with mid and high tweets in a large mahogany wood box. Ear candy.😋🤓
  6. Its font scaling on Android on a 5 inch display across the board for all apps on Google Play. That you can't do much about. The white back ground on the library views folder/library really made my eyes squint. I have to wear glasses because if not everything is a bad blur. Do you wear glasses at near 3.0 x magnification? Do you see that light is also magnified? I can regress my statement in another thread only if you change that white back ground to black and have white font as an option. Similar to V2 but not changing the layout. More things I have noted: The visuals are no use to me neither because its additional battery drain. Transparency is also additional battery drain. I am using Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Not the best Android OS at battery consumption. The only thing important to me is the bass/treble/eq/expanded stereo/volume controls. Gapless needs much work. I want tracks to overlap without fading. Poweramp has a hard time due to the fact it's having to read mp3 files from a external microsd memory chip. OR I suggest you change the base Android version, V3, to Oreo so I can turn on auto-updates again for other Google Play updates for other apps and Google system apps that I use. If I happen to decide later down the road to buy a Oreo based Android I'll visit that then and hope you make the library black back ground with white font by then. Not really much to ask. Thanks for giving me the time to voice my concerns. My high rating (5/5) I gave you on Google Play stays the same for V2.
  7. I feel like Poweramp could have kept it's V2 UI but with V3 audio engine or codecs. It didn't need a new UI to begin with. It was totally fine. V2 also works fine on my Android with Marshmallow (v6.0.1) My review (5/5 My Ears Are Booming!) on Google Play will stay the same for an older version. If you feel like you must update anything leave the UI alone and just revamp the audio engine to work with Oreo. Besides Google hasn't required apps to stay current with Oreo if released on Google Play Store before 2015 or 2016.
  8. Google Play updated my copy of Power Amp and I tried it and my eyes hurt looking at it. I do not like the layout. It is way to 'busy'. V2 was more or less easier for me to read and figure out. I have to wear eye glasses to see that small text. Looking at V3 is to me unbearable. My eyes are sensitive to white. It's as if though the developer had no empathy for visual impaired people who need eye glasses to see anything legible. Will you please link me to V2 that was on Google Play? I cant tell a difference in the two version's sound quality anyway. It always has been good since I bought the unlocker.
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