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  1. Usually somebody asks or answers a question before I get to it, or Max solves or explains why things are the way they are, but these issues have gone rather quiet 1. Why arent any track no. in List. ( I know there is one in the player) If you listen your music by playlists, you might not need the track no., but with albums with a higher no of tracks, track no. helps a lot to put it mildly. 2. Store/Restore position in the home category, i.e. not to start at top every time but where you left it. Only one click at the top of the A-Z scroll to get to the top if needed 3. There is an option to get artist or album artist name to appear in player if you are using ALBUM category. Did Max explain we dont have the same in ALBUM ARTIST category I have a lot compilatiom albums, tagged as VARIOUS IN 'album artist' with the actual artist in 'artist'. Trying to remember all is way too tiresome
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