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  1. Yes, I agree. A list option for artist tag to show in the Album Artist list view would be very, very helpful.
  2. When library is Album Artist and album is a compilation ie, Various Artist, please display artist name instead of Album Artist. Image 1 is currently implemented tags display while image 2 is the requested display when library view is Album Artist. Hope this can be implemented. Many thanks!
  3. Hi Max, Thanks for swapping the artist-album display. Would you consider displaying artist tag instead and not album artist in Library - >Album Artist? Example: Album is a compilation and Album Artist is Various Artists, display song title and artist. Thanks so much!
  4. List now playing indicator Hi. I noticed that there aren't any indicator on the music track currently being played while viewing the song list. Would be nice to add this back. Thanks!
  5. List option sort Hi! I'd like to report that list sort option keeps reverting back by "by title".
  6. Thank you for the update! The best!
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