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  1. I am getting EXTREME lag in Poweramp; in practically everything it does - almost to the point of it being unusable! The main problem is when changing tracks - both in the main player screen, and in the Poweramp notification (although, the lag doesn't seem to be as bad when using the Poweramp notification to change tracks). When in the main player screen, when I tap on the current track, to bring up a list of all the tracks on that particular album, and then I tap on another track (or, even if I change to a track from a completely different artist/album), there is a delay, sometimes as long as TEN seconds or so, before the track change actually occurs. If I happen to tap on it several times, because I'm thinking I didn't tap in the right spot, the track will actually restart for each time I tapped it, when it actually starts playing. V3 wasn't like this at first; this started happening several updates ago (I don't remember exactly when, as it's been going on for a while). I'm using V3-build-830-Play (Full version), along with Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 3-build-301, on a Razer Phone 2, running Android 9. No other app or anything else I do on this phone exhibits the same kind of sluggishness; in fact, this phone is pretty lightning-fast in almost everything it does. Any ideas what's happening/how I can fix this? Thanks, Dennis
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