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  1. Sadly still can't see volume bar when not using headphones and Poweramp is playing. Can see it when using headphones. LG V30 on Oreo.
  2. Well my issue with volume slider not showing has been fixed. The only issue I am having are random drops when doing something simultaneously, like browsing Reedit. On LG V30.
  3. High Quality Album Art issue has been resolved. The only big problem that I still have is still not being able to see volume slider while Poweramp is playing.
  4. It seems to be working and is not really an issue, but when you check High resolution on album art you never see the checkmark that High Res is selected, even though the album arts shown are indeed in high res.
  5. Do you know when the hidden volume bar when changing volumes in the whole OS while Poweramp is working might get fixed?
  6. I still can not see the volume slider on LG V30 when changing volume anywhere in the system while Poweramp is playing.
  7. So, my bugs. Can't see files names that are set in folder (can't see the option anymore), every time I reset the phone widget gesa broken so I have to set it up again. Can't dl high res album covers while on mobile data. Also can't see the pop up volume bar anywhere in phone while Poweramp is working. Using Android 8 on LG V30.
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