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  1. I got the solution When i enabled the hi-res output i got the same sound effects as in other players..
  2. Hi, i am using lenovo k4note which have Dolby atmos. So it have seperate audio equalizer. So now the problem is I only want this dolby sound effects, dont want Poweramp equalizers and other audio enhancements. So which all options should i turn off. I tried turning of Poweramp equalizer but still it is not enough. But other than this i need all Poweramp features. Also i bought it. Pls help
  3. Huge thanks for adding smart playlist like most played. Pls add least played too. I know there is an option to reverse most played playlist, i am talking about adding songs with play count 0 also. On visualization, now there is only shuffle each 10sec. Pls add shuffle with each track.
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