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  1. Sorry, after I tried, I still failed. If you can not install directly according to the 790 version, the prompt parsing package error, this should be the APK directly does not support the android4.1.1 system, the 709 version can be installed normally, but once the playback starts, the player will crash immediately, can not be used normally, 704 can Normal use. I want to declare my device again: SONY NWZ-ZX1 Professional Player Not SONY Xperia XZ1 The Android version is 4.1.1. In addition, I would like to ask, as a professional player SONY NWZ-ZX1, the machine itself supports HI-Res, but Poweramp can not open the relevant settings of HI-res, is there any special optimization for this device?
  2. Install Poweramp709 to open the app normally, but it will crash when you start playing. My device is Sony zx1 internal system version is 1.0 corresponds to Android version is 4.1.1, before the installation is Poweramp704, can be used normally, has not been updated for a long time, I updated the latest Poweramp709, the program is installed normally, open normal, but one It starts to play music and it crashes. Is this a program problem, or do I need to set it up?
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