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  1. 10 hours ago, Prosenjit said:

    Same problem i also have

    Same problem here, Samsung s9,  android 9, build 850, no hd audio 

    Also seeing increased battery usage in recent builds. Where previously 1hr 10 mins active usage would result in approx 2% battery drain now 11% is order of the day. Cant be more scientific than that I'm afraid, I realise it's an issue with many variables but none of my settings has changed and it's been noticeable across two rom (official) builds.  October patch, samsung

  2. I'd like to see this too. In my case, using the 'folders hierarchy' library view almost exclusively, it would be useful even if just the tracks could be allowed to display without artwork. Everything inside a folder is considered a 'folder song' for the purposes of the list display options, meaning it's difficult to see at a glance if I've reached a track or a nested folder.

  3. Thanks for the frequent builds and updated features. I love the new version! I have three feature requests:

    'Search' in settings. The number of settings is increasing all the time, it would be useful to be able to find newer or less used ones quickly.

    Per-playlist bookmarks. Simply to remember the position in playlists. As albums, podcasts and long tracks can all be saved or loaded as playlists I think this would be a more versatile feature than the current "long track" implementation.

    And, if possible and not too messy, the ability to re-order the now playing/track context menu .e.g. Move 'Delete' and 'Lyrics' to the bottom and 'Folder' and 'Album' to top etc.

  4. On 11/28/2018 at 9:35 AM, andrewilley said:

    Fair enough, I just thought it would be such a simple tweak (just adding a slider thumb at the other end of the slider bar to make it a range) which would make it a much more useful category with very little work involved, and no extra complexity from a user point of view as the default would stay with the left slider set at zero anyway.


    Why not have one per-playlist bookmark saved automatically with the only user options being always resume from bookmarked position or never resume/ignore?

  5. I'm really loving the new UI - props! - but I would like to remove 'Delete' from the now-playing context menu (and ideally other items too, i.e. make the menu somewhat configurable).This is partly because I don't use 'Delete' at all but mostly because I became very accustomed to using the context menu in v2 to access a playing song's album or folder. In v3 these links are out of view initially and require another finger stroke.

    Is this possible?



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