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  1. Thanks for that, done as you suggested, and everything is back to normal! 👍
  2. What I meant was the last albums that were added are showing as playlists. I have never added any playlists on this device, certainly not full albums. Maybe I'm missing something really simple. Screenshot attached.
  3. All mp3 files, no playlists in the app, or on the device. And have never used the CUE option?
  4. The last music files I added to phone (mi a3) located on SD card. Have added to card as normal, but are all showing as playlists, ie full albums. Have done this operation loads of times, only thing different is a different PC used. If I delete the playlist, they then appear as duplicates, which I can delete. Any ideas for future file management?
  5. as the audio buffer function been removed from version 3? cant find it under advanced tweaks? worked for me as all my music is on sd card and i used to get occasional skips. audio buffer used to cure this, if its been removed is there a way to go back to version2?
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