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  1. I would like to add a setting to completly hide the seekbar behind the song control buttons. I find it very distracting even with static seek bar enabled.
  2. This feature already exists, set repeat mode to "Repeat list" and shuffle mode to "Shuffle Songs". Now if we could get an option to make this the default mode when you choose to play playlist or simply lock them would be good. As of right now i have to rembember to hit the play and not the shuffle buttons when selecting a playlist or else it gets into the wrong shuffle mode.
  3. There is an setting to disable album art in the main player window but I can't find one for the notification. I want to disable the album art completely in the notification and use that space for the prev/pause/next buttons. Currently when I choose the less height notification the previous button disappears as it does not fit when the useless album art is there. This should also disable the background color changing of the notification that happens along with the album art, which sometimes makes it difficult to read.
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