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  1. You can change the order. On top of the list: 3 dots> list options
  2. Thanks Max! Do you recommend delete the actual version and install the new one? Or just update?
  3. I figured out something like that. Anyway, thanks for the answer and the help
  4. When I try to select "shuffle mode" in album's list of one artist, it only plays one album of that artist. When that album finish, star to play an album of a different artist. Correct me if I'm wrong but, is not supposed to keep playing the same artist but different album? Or exist another option to plays all the album's of the same artist in shuffle mode?
  5. Hi, I already bought the dark skin, and it's great. This white skin it's the same whit white color in menus? Or it changes something else?
  6. But you already have that option, and it works fine. For me shuffle mode it's correct, except for the option to shuffle albums of the same artist. And I think that one of the reasons why the people called PA "the best music player for Android" is for things like this, it have a lot of options for all's the users
  7. Same problem here, but only in one of three albums with "various artists". Maybe a tags problem?
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