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  1. I recently updated to Android 8.1.0 (Oreo) on my Motorola G5S+ and I noticed that the notification tray which allows you to pause/skip songs is not working. Even the name of the song doesn't show up. I tap on the pause/skip button but they don't function they just flash and become a little translucent (the animation of tapping the button). I did not have this problem with previous version of Android (7.1.1 Nougat) I've tried reinstalling and inverting the notification colors through the Poweramp settings. When i inverted the colors the notification tray becomes normal again and the
  2. I used to use Poweramp on my rooted Motorola E2 and I could switch between tracks by long pressing the volume buttons. But now I have a new device, Motorola G5S Plus (not rooted) and that feature does not seem to work in this device. Is there any setting in Poweramp which I need to change?
  3. I hit "Remember my settings" on the play filtered/all option while playing the song from the search bar. I would like to change my setting again but that option does not show up anymore and it is not listed in Poweramp settings either. How can I change my preferences?
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