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  1. Cool! ?? ? Hey, great, absolutely s-tunning. The best looking android program I have ever seen! Best antetype... great
  2. khan8765

    Album Art Searched At YouTube

    It's not showing always the desired image, because the program may not searching or not searching directly, - on 'youtube'. Bruno
  3. khan8765

    Album Art Searched At YouTube

    The program has this feature - now. Someone played god - or I missed something, before ....! Thanks.
  4. khan8765

    Album Art Searched At YouTube

    Or search directly at 'youtube' for the song with title 'xyz' ... Bruno
  5. Please make the program look for album art on 'youtube' . E.g. search request to google search engine with title of song as search term, - then take the first result of google search results with a 'youtube'-url and take the uppermost video picture, to present it as selectable in the new album art dialog. Would be very, v e r y nice!! Thanks, considering this feat. to introduce, adding it and thanks for the elaborated program.... Bruno