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  1. I've got HAL9K Android OS running on my Headunit. MCU3.01 Poweramp will not pause calls from incoming bluetooth. I keep looking for a solution to this problem for headunits because Poweramp is the best music player I can find for the car. But when a call comes in, the volume keeps playing and actually gets LOUDER when you answer a call. I've tried workarounds, but nothing works. Is this something you guys are looking into fixing for car Headunits or should I look for another solution? I would be happy to pony up some $$ for a specific Android HeadUnit version. FOUND THIS SOLUTION - It mutes the music, but doesn't pause the player. This will suffice until the devs (If the devs) ever decided to make it work for Head units. You can disable the DVC in the Settings -> Audio -> Advanced Tweaks, however you get poorer audio quality, but the phone works normally and the music from Poweramp gets suspended for the duration of the call.
  2. I've got the same problem. Running an Xtrons 8core head unit with Oreo. Call comes in music does not mute When I take the call the music gets louder. Sounds like I'm in a club when people call ? I tried the same steps as above that Montero79 tried, but no dice. Are you guys looking into this? How can I help to report the problem?
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