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  1. After off headset play go over in speakerphone, but not always.
  2. In general, as usual, the buttons for switching tracks do not work, but clicks, stuttering and sound from the speakers when connecting a headset work fine. It is a sin to complain, something must be sacrificed.
  3. Do you suggest that I find the same defective player? Really I came to the forum sadomasochists? But I found a replacement where there is direct volume control, and Hi-Res output, and the switching buttons work, and the sound does not stutter, but you will not be told. Envy
  4. If this defective and buggy release candidate with broken track switching buttons and a stuttering sound moves to the Market, then I will move to another player, with the appropriate recall and anti-advertising wherever possible.
  5. Today I have a big holiday, the switching of tracks started, but only with buttons on the phone, and only when the speaker plays. Everything is boring on the headset. Still stuttering, and playing the speaker when you connect the headset.
  6. Lenovo ZUK Z2 PRO snapdragon 820 на стоковой 8. 33/5000 On 790 it all works as it should.
  7. Remained from the 792 crackling, stuttering, non-switching tracks with buttons on the headset and phone, playing the speaker when the headset is connected. Suppose that Max is fixed only for MTK no higher than 5 android. break up, boys I'll go smoke. Остались от 792 треск, заикание, непереключение треков кнопками на гарнитуре и телефоне, игра в динамик при подключении гарнитуры. Предполагаю что Макс фиксит только для МТК не выше 5 андроида. Расходимся, джентельмены. Пойду покурю.
  8. I oracleen impatiently more stuttering of my favorite singers.
  9. Now, to the stuttering and crackling sound, the disabled buttons for rewinding the track, the speaker was added when the headset was connected. It's not beta, it's that first letter before alpha, which was removed from the ancient Greek alphabet by Plato. And yes, it's a fiasco, bro. Has returned on 790. Теперь к заикающемуся и трескучему звуку, неработающим кнопкам для перемотки трека, добавилось включение динамика при подключении гарнитуры. Это не бета, это та первая буква перед альфа, которую исключил из древнего греческого алфавита Платон. И да, это фиаско, братан. Вернулся на 790.
  10. 1. Turn off the switching tracks with volume buttons, the Stop button on the headset does not work. 2. Stuttering and crackling sound. Max took all the feces from the 709 version. And you just need to finish the UI 790 version. But the national self-identification of Max does not allow him to look for easy ways. 1. Отваливается переключение треков кнопками громкости, не работает кнопка Стоп на гарнитуре. 2. Заикания и треск звука. Макс взял весь кал из 709 версии. А нужно было бы всего лишь допилить UI 790 версии. Но национальная самоидентификация Макса не позволяет искать лёгкие пути.
  11. Stuttering and dumping of tracks by the volume buttons returned. All this shit was transferred from the 709 version. And the three horsemen of the Apocalypse are already close to the pale horses ...
  12. Уважаемый, переходить на другой трек долгим нажатием на громкость умеют все плеера (других не встречал) если эта фича реализована в прошивке. Не исключение и Паверамп.
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