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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply, I missed your comment.
  2. @ravi6546 yeah, as @clever_man said, that's the same I do, but with tasker so it's automatic, if you have tasker app and you're interested in the script I can help you out
  3. it has to do with DVC + Hi-Res incompatibilities , if you disable DVC it will work just fine, sadly it sounds like crap that way
  4. I found this with just 3 clicks (I'm not joking) it has the seek bar and title/album like you want: I assume this is the look you want: you can find it in the link above.
  5. no colega, es tu dispositivo, repórtalo como bug en la sección del foro que corresponde nombrando tu modelo
  6. https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/19-bug-reports-Poweramp-v3/
  7. @maxmp This is actually a great idea @jorgensen maybe you want to suggest it here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/4-feature-requests/ EDIT: "This should not lead to problems" maybe when ends album and starts another, too bad... I really liked the idea
  8. @maxmp I'm not seeing HI-RES OUTPUT 24-BIT 192 KHZ in V3-795, instead I see just the file info
  9. @maxmp whatever you change, make it optional, many love the UI just how it is now, It's very hard to fit everyone's preferences, for many years many complained about the app having an old UI, now that is updated, some are happy with it, some would do small changes, and others totally hate it, that's nothing new, we can see it all over the forum, hope all this doesn't bring you down, I know myself and would be epic pissed off for the reactions some people here have.
  10. I think so, that's the one I'm using, people in this thread seems to be requesting OpenSL ES HD Output, I'm not sure if it's different, but @maxmp said one is not superior or inferior to the other, and they both do the same thing. I can tell you that I see "HI-RES OUTPUT 24-BIT 192 KHZ" when I play music, and long tapping it shows that is resampling if the audio is lower quality tap on it and select Wired Headset/AUX inside it to enable it
  11. Your device is capable, so if you don't see "Hi-Res Output" or "OpenSL ES HD Output" under Settings>Audio>Output make the request for it.
  12. happened in all betas for me too, only rebooting phone fix it, and it's annoying to have to do that Sony Xperia XZ (F8331) Android 8.0 EDIT: if I disable DVC I don't need to reboot the phone, but it sounds horribly without it, if I want DVC enabled I still need to reboot the phone to make the sound go through the headphones the sound through speakers instead of headphones happens time after stop listening, not sure exaxctly when, just know that when I want to hear music again this crappy bug happens @invaderzim maybe you want to try that, I hate no DVC, but disabling it definitely "fix" it @maxmp @andrewilley @clever_man
  13. @maxmp Do I have the Hi-Res people is asking here? what is the difference between the one I have and OpenSl ES HD Output? If It's not the same, I want it. 1. Sony Xperia XZ (F8331) 2. Android 8.0, OTA 41.3.A.2.157 3. Link to specifications, says "24-bit/192kHz audio", audio_policy_dump_adb, audio_policy_configuration.xml beta-build-793-play
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