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  1. Oh well, it is quite difficult to compare and check it (unusual characters in the names I mean) because i have more than 8k tracks, 38 playlists that range from 10 to 1.5k tracks... I was trying to identify a method, less time consuming, to import in PA my playlists exported from itunes (in m3u or txt), because I modify the playlists quite often and it is quite hard to repeat that procedure everytime. Thank you
  2. Well my procedure is as following: 1. Export .m3u playlists from Itunes 2. Save playlist in a folder on smatphone 3. In Poweramp settings, Folders and library, in Music folder I select the folder with my .mp3 files and the folder with the playlists. In this case i import playlists as .m3u directly from the files, I saved in the smatphone folder, and they don't match with original playlists from itunes (not all the tracks are recognized). 4. In Poweramp settings, Folders and library, I tap on Import System playlist. In this case I can import the playlist correctly after a complete rescan of my library (tap on last option in Poweramp settings, Folders and library) I hope to have clarified the steps. Thank you for the support.
  3. Yes, logically, the paths are different and no file in the imported playlist should be present on the smartphone. But the final result is different luckily. I attach here one of my playlists in .m3u format just to let you see. If I import the playlist as a file, it doesn't match, but if I import it as system playlist it matches 100 %. Foo Fighters.m3u
  4. Cool. It worked with the app u suggested to me. I was able to find few errors and fix it after a library complete rescan. Only one thing:it was fixed if i import "system playlist" but there are still differences if I import the playlist from files m3u directly with the scan of the folder with playlist. Why? What is the difference between the two import way?? It may help me if i have to replace a playlist i modify on itunes avoiding a complete rescan. Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone, I have this version of Poweramp app (unlocked version) on my Huawei P10Plus smartphone. I want to import my itunes playlists on Poweramp. As far as I know, I need to save them in a folder of my smartphone as .m3u files. Correct? In this case the imported playlist didn't recognize all the songs in the playlists (the number of songs on the device is the same of Itunes ones), how to fix it? Those are the playlists based on files..what are the system playlists instead? Thank you
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