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  1. Forgive me if I'm wrong Max but I think you are missing the point of the thread. If you go all the way back in the history of this thread... And certainly I have posted elsewhere in other threads previously and emailed yourself/support many years ago... I believe the point of this thread is that the app verifies itself itself OK... BUT... if you are without internet for any period of time (for example on an aircraft, or using a phone internationally without roaming data) the music player stops. Whenever you can access data again it then re-verifies and resumes working again. That's the point. The constant license checking breaks the app if there is no data. It has been claimed previously in this thread that the unlocker only checks license once on installation and then never again... which is untrue. The entire point of your solution above is that you can open Play and contact their servers...which is redundant, because Play simply does not open when we have no data... which is the source of the problem in the first place. Finally your PS at the bottom reaffirms this confusion. Of course we know there is no internet available...that is the point of this entire thread. That the app stops when there is no internet.
  2. Out of the hundreds of apps I have used over the years... Many of which I have paid for through the Play Store... This is the only one I have ever EVER had a licensing verification issue with, or stopped working on me repeatedly, when I am without internet connection. Seems strange that this is simply blamed on Google Play when no other app has this problem.
  3. Bek... If you only just purchased this yesterday and are already having issues, I would recommend getting a refund as per Google play store policy if it isn't suitable for your task, because I don't anticipate this being rectified. You will spend all your time getting frustrated when it stops... This problem has been around forever.
  4. I would also advise people reading this to go into Google play store and review the app mentioning these issues. Max doesn't reply to any emails I have sent. But he does reply to negative (yet factually true) reviews. And to be fair... People shouldn't be spending their money on this app if it doesn't work as advertised. It's too late for us to get our money back and I'm guessing Max doesn't care about us existing users (he has our money)... But he may fix it if he starts getting negative reviews which affects his revenue stream.
  5. Thanks Andre for following this. This issue (in my case) dates back at least to early 2016 - maybe earlier - so not recent for me After more than a year of putting up with it I wrote a detailed review in May 2017 to this app in the Google play store stating this. Max himself replied to the review dismissing it saying I must not have a license... However I have used it previously and I can provide a receipt for purchase through Google play store. So I'm not sure if I can rollback my play store that far... I think I would need to pull my old Galaxy S4 back out.
  6. I know it has all been said before but I would like to add my name to the list of disappointed users. This issue (exactly as described above) has been happening to me for years - dozens of times - and by its nature, always at the most inconvenient time... During a long flight or road trip without data and when I was relying upon Poweramp to relieve the boredom. Very annoying. I am an airline pilot and spend a lot of time airborne or traveling in foreign countries without data for work. This issue happens to me every month or two. I like Poweramp and was happy to pay for it but find I need to use my stock player just as much these days - due specifically to this licence issue - so what was the point of buying it? I am using a stock Galaxy S7 and have a licensed version of the Poweramp unlocker app installed. It has been mentioned above that this issue is rare, unusual and only affects a few users... But it is not! Clearly there are a large amount of people affected judging by the comments here... And that it is just the people who have taken the time and effort to write. I shall email Max again on the email above... (although I have already done this previously and have never had any reply.) Cheers.
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