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  1. Thanks for all the work & help it worked about 80% or something. I have all the tracks on my phone now (few from the .bat did not work because of ÄÖÜ and some other symbols, which I copied manually) And the Playlist import also doesn't work completely. According to the log file only 3 songs would be missing (Probably because I already have them on the phone but they are named or stored differently than on my PC) But the playlist only has 41 songs (instead of the 53 which worked according to the log from your app) on the Poweramp app. I will just add the rest manually.
  2. Here's the playlist. The app is the first link in your signature I guess? Playlist.m3u
  3. So I opened VLC which then shows an empty playlist where I drag and dropped the songs in and then I saved it as an .xspf and as an .m3u I think I'm just gonna copy those files by hand ("only" 50 files) but the REAL problem is probably to get the playlist work in the Poweramp app.
  4. So I now have only lines which start with "cp H:" and so on in the .bat but it still doesn't work This is now the line for the first track: cp H:\_Music/Marteria%20&%20Casper/Marteria%20&%20Casper%20-%20Champion%20Sound.mp3 D:\temp "cp H:/" and "D:/temp" also don't work (which should be the right one, because I created the playlist on windows and this was the format it used) What am I still doing wrong?
  5. First of all thanks for the answer. But it doesn't seem to work, maybe you can tell me what I did wrong. The but opens and I see some lines in the newly opened window but it doesn't stay open long enough that I could read what it says. I have .mp3 and .flac so I replaced ".mp3" with ".mp3 D:/tmp" and ".flac" with ".flac D:/tmp" This would be the first 3 lines of the .m3u playlist. (after those 3 lines there is just the stuff for the next track.) #EXTM3U #EXTINF:235,Marteria/Casper - Champion Sound file:///H:/_Music/Marteria%20&%20Casper/Marteria%20&%20Casper%20
  6. Hey, I created a playlist in VLC player on my PC. Now the question is how do I get it on my phone & is there a way I can just get the songs in this playlist and copy them to the phone? (Many songs on this playlist are currently only on my PC) (Is there a program that can just do this task? (copying the songs from the playlist to my phone))
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