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  1. Sound still distorted when tone is applied,please try and fix on next update thanks. And also I'm in Nigeria a friend of mine is trying to purchase the app from playstore but its not working 

  2. 2 hours ago, Userfh said:

    There is sound distortion when using customized equalizer.  Before I was able to Bass at 70+ percentage without  distortion  now its sound like cracking Bass used limited option and still  has the cracking sound on Bass using headphones or phone speaker is sounding awful. Could you please check it Mr Amp. My divice is a MotoZ force Android 8.0. Screenshot_20180811-210859.thumb.png.2b17facdab453824d247524a99cf88b3.png

    I'm facing the same problem on my Infinix note 4 please fix


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