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  1. My screen recording, can't verify license, https://drive.google.com/file/d/12O0i4KsUCPXaT4-OwCc7rW1m4nZss8zd/view ?
  2. This licence verification just ruined my day, I lost my productivity in work, I back read the replies, nothing works, I'm away from home, I wasted data by re-installing the trial and the Unlocker, i also upgraded to beta v3, i tried the restart, i tried everything said in the replies, still can't verified. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S8, SM-G950FD, with the latest Oreo update, G950FXXU2CRF7/G950FOXM2CRF7/ G950FXXU2CRF1 There's no way to uninstall the Google play update on my phone, it updates by itself silently. ?
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