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  1. Thank you Andre, you helped me a lot. Ingot the equalizer fixed, I didn't understand though how use the time date stamps you mentioned though 😂
  2. Hi all, I had for some time now problems with Poweramp and I don't know how to solve them. 1. I don't know with which build it started, but every time I close Poweramp and start it again the equalizer settings are turned of even though it was turned on before. I attached a pic to show the equalizer after a restart of Poweramp. 2. The library is messed up. After factory resetting my phone and reinstalling everything my filter for sorting albums by date of adding them to library doesn't work. Its sorted in a totally inlogical order. Every time I reinstall it, it sorts them always in the same order. 3. Weird enough and maybe it has something to do with it, no matter how many times I reinstall Poweramp and cache clean in and so on, it always has the same settings turned on. I didn't import Amy settings. Please, I need some help with this Best regards
  3. Hi Max, I saw that you made an update that was supposed to fix the current issues with Poweramp not running properly. Still didn't fix my issue with not being able to access other tabs like albums ort titles. After trying to open them I can't even open the now playing tab. Sorry forgot to mention, I forgot to mention that I have an Galaxy S10+ with the current Beta 2 update for OneUi 2
  4. Exactly the same for me. PA continues to run in the background even after closing it
  5. Anybody an idea what the reason for the high energy output could be and how to fix it?
  6. I use the 709 Alpha build but I noticed that after closing the player he still runs in the background under my energy settings. And the power usage of it is quite high even though being closed. Does anybody have a solution for this? Edit: Just installed the 790 version. Definitely way lower battery usage and stops working in background after being closed. I don't know if the low battery usage is a result of most library functions not working though. Best regards
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