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  1. Did you see the guy that behind the bar on that picture? Cause i don't like to see part of his face/head is cut off, how dare they just cut off the handsome guy's face!?
  2. @clever__man, yeah off course, i prefer it show like that (the old fashion way).
  3. Some part of the album art are cut off. And i don't think i like it. 1. This is the actual size of the album art 2. This is what how they show the album art, we can clearly see the top and the bottom part of the album art are cut off. Hopefully it can be fix, thanks @maxmp i love the app btw.
  4. Damn, I love it.... I like the design and the style Thank you so much! @maxmp
  5. Hi Team, I am currently using Poweramp alpha-build-709-play on my Xiaomi Mi A1 Android Oreo, and I found an interesting problem in the spectrum style visualization preset. (Preset: spectrum-narrow) 1. The visualization didn't show or react when the right side channel audio is playing, the visualization only react to left side audio channel. The visualization show nothing when it playing the right side channel. This is the left side channel, the visualization show normally And this is right side channel, the visualization didn't show anything. 2. The visualization not sensitive enough to react the quiet audio file even though we still can hear the sounds.
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