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  1. Hey Guys, Not sure if anyone realized this or not.... If you are playing music and increase volume or decrease volume completely by press and hold volume UP or press and hold volume down button, the music plays as if there is flickering tone...
  2. In addition to Lock screen track scrolling bug, i had once more problem. When the phone is in your pocket(in my case jeans while walking) screen accidentally get responsive and clicked and muzic gets paused/skipped/changed to next track randomly. Its kind of annoying. Y cant everything get disabled based on the proximity sensor ?
  3. This is weird and i am facing this issue too ... Previous version did not have such problem, no matter what other application was played. If there is no active application(youtube.. etc) on screen, removing and inserting the headphone used to auto resume the Poweramp in V2. I guess its a miss in V3......
  4. Exactly, that would be helpful. Moreover its like something to learn, once you know ....you can completely ignore the short comings.But yeah totally agree on your statement "but a lot more logical for an inexperienced user looking for all the visualization controls in one place."
  5. Thanks a lot djdarko Wondering how did i miss that one .....I Guess I thought it was related to playlist option to shuffle/repeat/Repeat once settings.
  6. Thanks a lot for the latest update and providing this feature. You guyz rock !!
  7. Is there any option to select or lock single visualization. I kind of old school who like a particular visual and it's kind of annoying when it changes every now and then when the track changes.
  8. Hey team, Not sure if this is something that had asked before. Was expecting some lockscreen visualizer something like muviz or https://www.google.co.in/search?client=ms-unknown&biw=455&bih=503&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=3FYvW9zSGsvFvQSB1rn4Dg&q=visualizer++Android&oq=visualizer++Android&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3..0i5i30l2j0i8i30l2j0i24.86252.87243..87961...0....138.1112.2j8......0....1.8l647WI%2Bt9Y%3D#imgdii=6Og5pAt9mxtAKM:&imgrc=7FDFyHIJKVdzxM: I tend to display my mobile in deskstand and stream music via Bluetooth. So a visualizer with display always on/off should really showcase my mobile(ppl with similar preference) on the desk. Lot of mobiles these days mobile comes with led/OLED display that can lit individual pixels Without compromising the battery.Can you make this feature available please..... Your product can really make the difference..n stand out .
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