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  1. any news or solutions about skins on huawei? i have too P9Plus - and only 'Material2 skin' worked (
  2. no... but i try to set it and... -it don't affect on subj
  3. forced show notification baner on any Poweramp activity changes (e.g. auto/manual changetrack, start/pause, etc.) when player is not foreground... (as it do the googlemaps in navi mode when runing not foreground - baner with onway alerts shows on anyscreen you have been) - thats will be true useful option for drivers on incar devices
  4. any attempt to return to the previous played track in the list by pressing 'rew' key ends with: - its appearance.... and immediately changing back to the current track conditions: ...if i set shortfade or crossfade for "track autochange" (and) set "remember play position of track at change" = subj! ...i think - it make cue (do mark position) at end of each track under these two conditions (sorry - i'v RU Poweramp - and all "options" translated by me intuitivity )) youtube this report (Poweramp v3/814)
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