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  1. This is a valid request. At times there are some albums that come up in Power APP that are listed under the wrong Genre and I want to have the ability to correct this. Is there a way to correct this ?
  2. andrewilley You are my Saviour 🙂 Great TIP & Thanks a bunch!
  3. Hello Everyone, How do I Turn off My Family Photo Album view in Poweramp? When I am browsing folder view or Album View in the Poweramp Android app, I can always see my Family Photos (6 gigs) that are kept onto micro storage card along other files that are not kept on the actual phone itself.. Poweramp is also displaying my Vacation Videos from the Family Holidays that I want to keep on my phone to view when I am out of town away from my Family In closing, I am very eager to find a way to turn off my Family photo & Video Library. There has to be a way to turn this off, Can someone please share an Idea? no.Image ? Thanks in advance
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